Valentine Day Shayari in English For Girlfriend And Boyfriend

Valentine Day Shayari in Hindi For Girlfriend And Boyfriend

Valentine Day Shayari in English For Girlfriend And Boyfriend In such a situation, if you want to wish your lover, then some shayari has been given for you, through which you can wish your girlfriend, boyfriend, propose him, impress him instead of these shayari.

Girlfriend and boyfriend propose each other on Valentine’s Day 2022, talk to each other, if you want to propose your girlfriend or boyfriend, then you can propose and share them through these shayari.

Valentine Day Shayari in English For Girlfriend And Boyfriend

today i express this
I also spend my life on you
innumerable, innumerable
i just love you

people say they love what they love
it’s a piece of the moon
But I say that the one I love
the moon is a piece of it

O moon you will forget yourself
When will listen to the story of my love
Are you proud of yourself so much?
You are just a shadow of my love

people walk around saying what we love
it’s a piece of the moon
But what do they know whom I love
the moon is a piece of it

Let’s give a name to silent love today,
Give your love a sweet end
Don’t get upset before the weather
Let the throbbing desires have a warm evening

There are some types of love too
There are dreams in the waking eyes too
It is not necessary that tears come out in sorrow
There are floods in smiling eyes too

Like a fragrance in my every breath,
Promise your love
The colors are of your love,
Promise to decorate my heart.
Happy Valentine’s Day

If you make us the guest of your life,
So let us also decorate your every dream on our eyelids,
Then even death will not be able to separate us from you,
If you settle in the soul in your life.
I love you.

How much love is there for you in this heart, if I tell you
Not you, this world will go crazy for me

Our relationship is with your heartbeat
We are related to your breath
never forget never forget
Because with the help of your memories we live

If you think of something, you only care
If I say something, your name will come
How long can I hide my heart
We fall in love with your every gesture
happy valentines day

life is so beautiful when you come
What is in your heart is your face
never go away from us
We only need you at every step
Happy Valentines Day

Says heart again and again we are yours, Sanam
How far, how close will love be no less
I write happy valentine’s day in this card
We wish you happiness day and night

live with you
you’ve got a wish
talking to you
you are used to
If you don’t get a moment, you feel restless
make friends
have fallen in love with you

Every tear in my eyes is a sign of your love
If you understand it is a pearl, if you do not understand it is water.
happy valentines day

When will her eyelashes show
There will be love for us in some corner of the heart
Every night is passing in his memory
sometime they will also be waiting for us

Let me become that line in your hand
Only I can be your fate
I want you so much that you forget every relationship
Only I can be the picture of your every relationship
If you close your eyes, only I can see
In this way I can become the talisman of your every dream

smells like in the nights
when you become a dream
The picture of memories goes down in the heart
when you come face to face

The heart has longed for life
today i will agree with him
which has been desired for centuries
I will express my love to them

Your first meeting brought a spring in life
I saw your picture in every mirror
People say sleep is lost in love
We had created a world of love in our sleep

I have gone through a long silence,
trying to say something to someone

You can share these shayari to your girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, you can wish them the best and best shayari to wish you will find here which you can share and wish to your lover.

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