YoWhatsApp Download kaise kare ?

YoWhatsApp Download kaise kare

YoWhatsApp Download If you want to know what are the special features of Yo WhatsApp Latest Version, then this article is for you.

There is hardly any person who uses the Internet on his mobile and does not use the messaging application called WhatsApp in his mobile.

Do you know that like WhatsApp, many alternatives of WhatsApp have come in the market, such as GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp and Yo WhatsApp and in today’s article we are going to tell you about Yo WhatsApp only.

Friends, this is a very special application, which works like all WhatsApp, but it also gives you many features apart from WhatsApp, so that you can become a pro-user on WhatsApp.

That’s why we will tell you in detail about this mod application in simple words and also tell you how to download its latest version in this article.

Yo WhatsApp?

This mod application called YoWhatsApp has been created by correcting the shortcomings present in the official app of WhatsApp.

There are many such limitations in the WhatsApp app, due to which not much can be done in this messaging app.

Just like you can’t download someone’s status directly on WhatsApp, you can’t record audio without touching the phone, and you also have a limit to forward messages.

But if you use YoWhatsApp then you can cross all these limits and by installing this android application for free, now you can surprise others with its smart features.

Friends, this Mod application of WhatsApp is developed by Yousef Al Basha, so before we download it and use it in our mobile, let’s understand some special features of this app!

Special Features of Yo WhatsApp Latest Version ?

Call Blocker

If you install the latest version of WhatsApp in your mobile, then you can use the call blocker feature in it, so that you can block all the people who call you on WhatsApp forever.

Set Wallpaper

In the official app of YoWhatsApp, we can set wallpaper in the background of the chat, but on the home screen of WhatsApp, you can make your WhatsApp beautiful by setting any favorite HD Wallpaper.

Record Without Touch

Friends, as you know, if you want to send an audio message to someone on WhatsApp, then you have to touch the mic, but in YoWhatsApp you can type without touching the mic icon.

You can tap on the record button and swipe up now you want to record the message till you do not even need to touch the mic.

Anti Ben

Along with so many features there is YoWhatsApp Anti Ban, which means life time you can use this app without any worry, your WhatsApp account will not be banned.

You have been using WhatsApp for years, but the theme has not changed in it yet, but with every new update of YoWhatsApp, you do not get themes, you can set your favorite theme in it, all themes are free so that You can provide Attractive Look to your WhatsApp.

Privacy Features

We get to see many special features related to privacy in YoWhatsApp, by installing this Android application called Yo WhatsApp in your mobile, you can change the features like Online Status, Hiding the status of Blue Ticks, Recording status, Double Tick. .

App Lock

Another good thing in YoWhatsApp is that you get good features as well as App Lock is also given in it to keep the Chats of YoWhatsApp secure, due to which you need to install Third Party App Lock separately. Doesn’t read

Anonymous Messaging

Whenever we have to WhatsApp a contact, first we have to save its number, but many times we do not feel like saving the number of an unknown person.

But on Yo WhatsApp, you can WhatsApp a person without saving his number.

Send Videos

On WhatsApp, we are not able to share long video files with anyone or the quality is lost in it, but through YoWhatsApp you can also share videos up to 700 MB.

Isn’t it interesting feature

So friends, now you know what is special in YoWhatsApp and why you should install it, let us know how you can install it in your Android.

How To Download YoWhatsApp?

File Name Yo Whatsapp APK
File Size 35.36 MB
Requairment 4.0 Android
Cost freeware
Last Update 1 day ago

You cannot install YoWhatsApp directly from Play Store, to download you have to use any website, here we are giving you a link to download YoWhatsApp.

 Yo WhatsApp

On clicking this link, a page will open in front of you in which you will get the button to download Yo WhatsApp.

As soon as you tap on the download button the downloading will start.

Friends, when this Apk file is completely downloaded, now you have to install it.

So to install you tap on this file, YoWhatsApp App will be done by clicking on Install button.

How to use Yo WhatsApp?

1. YoWhatsApp is very easy to use, just like after installing normal WhatsApp, you have to create an account in it.

2. In the same way, after installing it, you enter your mobile number in it, now OTP will come on that number.

3. After that you set your name, profile, just after doing this your WhatsApp account will be ready.

4. And you will come to the homepage of YoWhatsApp.

And now here you can explore all the features we told you above one by one and enjoy all those features and have a great chatting experience with other WhatsApp users.

Is YoWhatsApp safe?

Now we have learned a lot about YoWhatsApp but users using YoWhatsApp should also know whether using YoWhatsApp is secure for our personal data, device.

So let us tell you that millions of people are using this app all over the world but this app cannot be called as secure as the official app of WhatsApp.

Google also has doubts about this WhatsApp, so it has not published this third party app on Google Play Store and its developer has created this mode application where your data is stored, what is its use, about it. Nothing can be said.

So in our opinion if you share some important data on WhatsApp, then you should use official WhatsApp but if you use WhatsApp for chatting with friends, then you can use it with its features, But keep updating the app continuously.


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